it will become a sectarian

As much as I hate to admit it, but I think the Syrian rosy revolution will become more sectarian. This can only serve the regime, since most of the Syrian citizens are willing to fight and protest for their freedom and dignity under the banner of Syria, and if they start seeing protests is ending up as a sectarian war with sectarian divide they will abandon the revolution or at least not have the full support. I suspect the regime knows that and working on it.

Never the less in my judgement it is just a matter of time until it happen. My argument is based on two points I think they will come to play soon or it is already happening.

I argue that the Syrian regime is a sectarian regime. This is because all high army command and all intelligent security forces are from one specific sect which happen to be the president (and his late father) same sect. Internally it is very obvious for anyone living in Syria; the accent of area where this sect is from becomes more into fashion on the streets, even when you see over representation of this sect in public figures. Even if one looks at the regional alliances you can see closer relationships of the regime with alike states and political parties.

Building on the sectarian nature of the regime; as the revolution will gather momentum the regime will rally its sect to support the regime and alien it interest with the sect interest by warning or revenge act if the regime falls. These will be members in the army in the intelligence forces, it will rally the intellectuals trying to justify events on the streets on the local and international media. Part of that will result in more emphasis on the sects symbols (although it might not show on the TV but will be present on the streets). 

second point; humans have natural tendency to revert to higher power in time of despair and hopelessness, trying to seek power to carry on or to justify the injustice don to them or by them. As times in Syria will get worse and worse with more killings and more injuries people will start to draw back on their believes and clinch to the high power for support or just to help them justify events around them. You will notice people getting more religious and trying in every way, logical or superstitious, to get help from the world above when they know that this world will not give more.

These will circumstances will produce more extreme sectarian acts and thinking, which will be lead by more sectarian and irreligious men. finally, one extreme will lead to another extreme in the other direction and this loop will feed on itself. 


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