Interest over principles

What a great disappointment;  I have always been a Huzballah (HB) supporter (at least in gatherings with friends and family). I was impressed with its organization, devotion, but mostly I saw a hope that we can do it, that it was really bad governance that is leading us to all these failures. I was convinced that they operate by puting principles over interest, THEY ARE PRINCIPLED.

I was gathering evidence to use in my long arguments, that they do what was right not appropriate, no lying no cheating and that made them stronger than all the logical thinking and the most appropriate thing to do politically or for public image. to do that i would argue that;

  • they were not big participial in the civil war, they did not kill follow citizens because they were from different sect (a bit of small war within the sect, but everyone allowed a mistake or two in comparison to others) , they did not have names of massacres scaring Lebanon memory.
  • they have defended the underprivileged Shia in Lebanon, who for the first time have a loud voice that expresses their needs and wants reflecting the new changes in demographics.
  • they actually do not just talk. they worked on freeing lebanon not debated the idea. they actually did it and took their rights not negotiated for years in endless loop.
  • they helped their community by hard work and provided medical care and welfare for the needy not just took pictures wit the poor and disabled.


But events in Syria showed another side of HB, a side that preferred interest over principles. Supported a brutal regime that kills its people everyday in the worst manner because they had an interest in it staying alive, not because it was targeted by an internatinal consirecy. They new exactly what was the regime in Syria sinec they have dealt with them for so long. They could have just stay quite on neutral (still not right but better than supporting them).

How can that be, was I so wrong, was all these people in the long discussion right, was it simply a matter of Shia verses Sunnis Was i so naive. 

I understand that Syria is giving them lots of support and logically they would have lost a lot of logistical assets if regime falls (or might loose all these assets) but HU does not think like this, HB fight Israel although many would consider this a war not possible to win, a suicide or illogical.

the biggest disappointment i have had in a long time  


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