A call for all sects in Syria

I do understand the fears and worries many Syrians are having from the outcome of the current revolt. Although I agree that it is not without merits, actually I fear the same,  but I defer with what to do about it.

Until now most of the minorities are still standing on the sides, allowing the regime to claim that it is protecting them from the majority who want to harm them or deny them their national rights. Many of the honorable men and women who fought the regime when no one was, are from these sects (equally if not more). But still the majority of them are on the side.

Supporting the regime or staying on the side seems like the easy option, and the cheapest choice. It is a passive choice, it does not require any sacrifices or any active role, but now this increasingly looking like a choice with no morality. Everyone knows the brutality and humiliation we all face everyday from Syrian regime (all sects and all religions), it even failed to deliver on the basics like improved quality of life, job opportunity, or even equal rights under the law. Basically this choice say the devil we know is better than the one we don’t know.

Now; I fear that this choice is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, I fear it will contribute to our worst nightmare. If these communities still act like they are not part of the fabric of the society they are living in, they will be treated in the same way. If they stay passive they are indirectly helping the regime and aligning their interest and well-being with the well-being of the regime (no decision is a decision by itself). As a result when the regime will be toppled (and it will be) then they will be treated as a second class citizens with no saying in the future.

The best way to protect their interest is to be part of the revolution on streets. The best way to make sure that their rights are protected is to be part of it and therefore to EFFECT the outcome. They should reserve a seat on the table when Syrians will sit to decide on how Syria will be in the future. They need to be active and participate in the making of Syria, not just watch and hope for the best. Syria will not be without its sects and minorities, they make Syria the unique and great place it is. We need them to be with us as a full citizens with full rights and responsibilities.


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