I would not sit for the exam, fearing failure

Many Syrians support the revolution in the streets but fear what will happen after the fall of the regime, who will come to power. Most fear Islamist taking over, others fear state of lawlessness and civil war between sects or ethnics. They look at Lebanon twenty years ago and more recently Iraq.

While all these are legitimate fears and I cannot guarantee anything to anyone, I ask everyone why we cannot do it. Why can others build the democracy as they see it fit for them, and we cannot do it. Why not look at Turkey experience where they succeeded, or East Europe like Poland and Czech, why not look at Malaysia or Philippians why not look at Brazil and Argentina, why they can do it and we cannot. If it is more difficult than we need to work harder. People have so far shown great maturity in resisting sectarian fighting, with resulting to arms (with really few exceptions), for all fairness this is the most civilized revolution compared with all revolutions in history (research the french revolution or the Russians).

I am not asking for perfect state and with absolute fairness (Plato city) but something where people prefer to stay and build a better tomorrow instead of leaving to GCC countries to find any job, a place where people don’t fear someone acting rude or driving wrong side of street or acting rude in public places because they are connected in the government, a place where people decently think they have saying in matters concerning them.

Don’t tell me we cannot do it, or what happen if we fail. You cannot refuse to sit for an exam because you are afraid that you might fail, we all fear failure but we prepare hard and if the exam is more important we prepare better and spend more time at it. Not sitting for the exam has the same result as for failing it.

If we want Syria to be a better place we need to make sure it becomes like this, not wish for it to be. We need to make that democracy it will not come naturally with passing of time. Better Syria need active participation. Lets have the courage in ourselves and start building the better tomorrow.


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