Is it Syrian revolution or foreign powers’

Often times when discussing Syria revolution we end up discussing if the revolt is planned, controlled encouraged by foreign powers. This basically referring to the great conspiracy which can target Arabs or Islam, when the regime in Syria is Liberal and last thing you can call him is an Islamist (hence his claim it is an Islamist conspiracy against him, what an irony conspiracy theory can serve all with no limits). I personally have no inside information or connections to anyone in government or opposition, I can only offer a personal analyse using logic and deduction for what it is worth.

Revolution in Syria started with few kids or teenagers writing slogans they heard for months on TV during Egypt and Tunisia protest, calling for the downfall of the regime. In response security forces arrested them for days during which they badly tortured them (hopping to draw a line in the sand for what is unacceptable  in these times of revolutionary winds blowing over Middle East).  To even make things worst, the security forces insulted and grossly humiliated the head of tribes and elders in that rural area (called Daraa) when they asked for the kids release. This led to the all out protests in Daraa and nearby areas. NOW where can the foreign powers interfere in this?? how can they plan for the kids to do that, how can they encourage security forces to react in the brutal way they did?.

Next chapter; eruption of protests all over the Daraa area, instead of trying to contain the situation the regime send the army with the tanks to send a message that we are not playing here this is serious stuff, but the army faced some problems (not sure what) which required even some further enforcement to finally take control of the small border towns. This caused a general protests in many other areas in Syria to support their fellow citizens and demand the canceling of the Emergency laws in effect for over 40 years (which limit the personal freedom and gives great power to security forces to arrest with no warrant and for unlimited times) taking this opportunity to claim something in the sprites of revolution in the area. I can clearly recall that all media outlets were stressing Explicitly that people are NOT asking for the downfalls of the regime or the president, they are only calling for the changes and more freedoms (actually they were expecting president to lead these changes, and reform the security forces). Again as before security forces over reacted and used extreme force which lead to blood to be spilled on the streets in many cities and towns. still I cannot see how could foreign powers plan the army and security forces reactions when every observer (some are regime friends) could not understand the reasons for use of extreme power in reaction to street protests.

In the first few months, no one can claim that foreign powers were conspiring against Syria or regime. Actually now the official line coming from government admits the wrong handling of the situation in the beginning. So to make much longer story short, more killing, and more protests, government declared stopping of emergency laws but security forces keep arresting people with no warrants, more protests, more blood, more promises of reform which no one believed by now, government using army all around Syria using tanks and cannons and still final chapter not writing yet.

In conclusion, foreign powers could not conspire to start this revolution, and could not effect government reaction which fed the anger and spread the revolt all over the country. For fairness i do think that foreign powers are interfering now, but now it is a fair game; everyone is interfering. All border countries have interest in the outcome of this, even the countries that have no interest would have interest now because they would not allow other powers to benefit from this situation (GCC don’t want Iran to benefit by supporting regime, with more power inside Syria).

I blame the regime and no one but the regime for situation in Syria and to allow others to interfere.


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