Solution should come from within, AS LONG AS WE AGREE WITH IT

Everyone looks at the situation in Syria in accordance to their own biased and interests. EU Turkey and so is Russia, therefore it is no wonder they see the conflict and the solutions differently. That much I understand, but a gross dismissal of decency I cannot.

Russian foreign minister FM expressed their view that Syria conflict should be resolved within the region, and his country vetoed the UN security resolution because they don’t want an international interference to solve a local conflict. They supported all regional and local efforts to resolve the issues locally.  These efforts lead to the Arab League AL proposal on a road map to solve the issue. But after regime failure to adhere to commitments they took on themselves AL decided to suspend Syria’s membership, Russia FM declares that AL took the wrong decision. This is very insulting to everyone; it means that you should resolve it in the way we think it should be resolved.

Last week FM met with Syrian opposition members, and declare that opposition should stop all military activities, it is like telling the victim don’t resist oppressor when your oppressed, you should negotiate to resolve your deference (off course as long as we like this resolution). The Syrian regime is a governemnt and have a structure with a head on top of that structure, when the opposition is a revolt by the people which have no organization or structure so you cannot demand the same from them and expect control and adherence at the same level you expect from organized regime. Russia president did acknowledge that regime is using brutal force and asked regime to stop using force, he even admitted that regime at fault, but again stated that solution should come within not from outside (meaning NATO). Basically admitting that regime is at fault but people should not resist and should talk to regime!

Why do Russia keep fighting loosing positions. Do they really have someone who looks at the big picture in there, and look at national interests.


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