Russian Foreign policy,

I wonder why Russia is risking all the remaining of its foreign policy prestige by supporting Syrian regime so blindly. Foreign minister (FM) after announcing that Arab League is wrong by suspending Syrian membership, is now coming up saying that outside countries should not give the Syrian regime threats and dead lines, and that his country is opposing any embargo on weapons export to Syria.

So basically the solution according to Russia administration should be;  do not suspend Syria membership from any organization (I guess the term will then be Embrace), do not even threaten the regime of any international action – or off course or regional ones – keep selling regime more arms and provide military support, and finally pressure opposition to sit on a negotiation table with the regime without any agenda (just talk as long as regime feel like it).  This will lead to a construction dialog which will solve the problems in Syria. Very clear simple and Fair.

This sounds sarcastic i know, but really think about it; it is what they are recommending. What I cannot understand is why they are doing this. They cannot be that naive, and Syria is not that strategic for Russia (maybe for Iran or other regional players like arab league members or turkey) and it is not this do or die customer to Russian weapons (it actually gives it a bad name).  What is the point, can anyone help ?? i dont get it.


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    • Just a thought, how would Russia be looked upon if it was seen the country that solved the problem for the Syrian people, how much more prestige it will gain in the region and in the international seen. Yes granted it will loos exclusivity in Syria relationship, but it will be a friendly country with good relations with Syria and build for more relations with the rest of the region.
      Even with current situation if it has an exclusive relation with Syria, but syria economically is weak and will be weaker after all this finishes. So what are they fighting for, a slice in a diminishing economy.

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