Al Qaida in syria

Many Syrians romanticize about the FSA; they are Syrian solders who refused to carry orders and shoot at their Syrian brothers, they defected and now defending protesters trying to secure them during their peaceful protests. But if you can convince people it is Al Qaida who is involved; well that is a different case now.

Few weeks ago, an explosion shook security forces building in Al-Midan in central Damascus, it resulted in the death of many security forces personnel and some civilians (or so the regime claimed). Immediately regime media and some officials accused Al Qaida of the bombing and deaths within 30 mints of the event. At the time I could not understand, why are they accusing al Qaida not the FSA, we all know Alqaida had not been part of this revolt in Syria?? especially that the head of the FSA in Turkey had warned few days before of something big in the pipeline,, I thought that would be perfect setup to accuse them of this one.  But still they choose not accuse FSA and instead within 30 mints they accused Al qaida. Now I realize that this is brilliant work.

Syrians have accepted the FSA existence and their agenda, they accepted their need to operate (and maybe in the process killing solders or civilians), they have provided them with supplies, shelter and most importantly they gave them legitimacy. But Syrians did not give that cover to AL Qaida, and they would freak-out if these bombing are their work. They are foreigners Islamist and their vision is not what they what for Syria after the fall of the regime. Actually if one thing Syians are scared of in the revolution is the Iraqi model, and their sectarian war with Al qaida mass killing in the name of Islam or Sunnis.  Regime knows that and now they are working on convincing everyone, especially people from the inside, that these acts are perpetrated by Al qaida. To this end they have orchestrated an introduction to this by a statement from Iraqi minister saying that Al-qaida fighters are moving from Iraq to Syria (although he later said no specific intelligence in that regard but this is a general trend) also we heard from a minister in Lebanon claiming the same information, of fighters crossing from Lebanon to Syria (later his own prime-minister said no such solid intelligence available in the matter), they are both an allies of the Syrian regime.

But most disturbing; the US lately came out with similar information from an intelligence officer during a congress questioning. for me this is really scary,  because it means either there are really AL Qaida operatives in Syria (which I don’t believe) or it means the USA is preparing to sell the opposition out and side with the regime, or at least keep this excuse alive just in case they needed it in the future.

Now Will all this work?? I personally don’t think so, i think Syrian people no longer listen or believe the regime and its media, they made up their mind; they want regime down and out of our life; good or bad.


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