Lost of innocence for syria

I don’t care how Bashar leaves or die, the damage he already caused is beyond repair. The children who lost a parent or was/is traumatized, the families who lost their bread feeder in a country that do not provide for its citizens not even the basics, and the men who’s heart got harden and changed for ever from inside watching all this pain inflicted on friends and comrades.

Some might focus on studying costs or rebuilding and estimates lost wealth of nation, but all these are nothing and can be easily replaced. Buildings can be rebuild and machines can be fixed, like it been done before many times in many places.  Assets are valued by the expected future cash flows, which means if we fix the country then wealth can be created in a relative speed.

Nothing can be more damaging than lost souls and spirit, Lost of innocence for many young and for many of the old. Nothing will be the same now, no matter how you kill Bashar or which country he leaves to.


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