Nothing is making sense anymore.

I invested much of my time in reading books and educating myself in history philosophy political science in the hope I build a good sense of reason and logical thinking. I thought this would help me understand the world around and maybe even predict how it is working. Now I feel all I worked on is out from the window, NOTHING is making sense in Meddle East (ME) anymore. I know many think ME actually never made any sense but this is taking it to another level.

Most recently, Israel military attack on Gaza; I could never understand this action. Every pools in Israel show public opinion is in favor of B. Netanyahu, everyone is predicting a major win for him in coming elections, especially after he build a coalition with his F. Minister to guarantee it 100% instead of 90%. With all evidence show election is in his packet unless he screw it up, and that is exactly what he did. I could never understand why would any politician get into an adventure like that when election is few weeks, especially that no major event is forcing him to do it (few rockets here and there been coming from Gaza for years). So what is the real purpose or target from this war,,, I could not figure that out.

Jordan increasing fuel prices; Every government in Jordan (and many were formed in the past 12 months) wanted to do this action and could not because they knew what will happen in the streets if they do it. So why would this government decide now to stop the subsidies from fuel, and in the process doubling the heating charges, now. This government was formed to organize a new parliament elections and run the country until the forming of new par lament that should include the opposition for the first time. If they waited until new parliament is formed they can get them on board and therefore avoid them trying to make gains from this action,,, is their real reason for this


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